Amazon has slowly crept into the fabric of every industry. What started out as a battle ground against large department stores has continued and now dramatically affects independent community businesses. So much so that they're now in danger of disappearing.
Leading into Black Friday and the holidays we needed to create a campaign that supports small local businesses.
We created a shocking reminder of what could happen to the neighbourhood if we continue to shop on Amazon and overlook small businesses.
Overnight, we covered the storefronts of more than 50 stores along Roncesvalles Ave, the artery of the community, for a day. People woke up to a stark and a very real example of what could happen if we don't support local.
The support of the residents, local MPs and news outlets was overwhelming. Other BIAs in the city reached out to adopt the campaign and turn it into a local movement in support of small businesses.
Watch the case video below.
The FOR LEASE papers were torn down to reveal posters with messages of support.


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